Family dentistry

At Soleil Dental Clinic, we can see your child as soon as the first teeth have appeared, so at around the six month mark. Your child can then benefit from regular check-ups to monitor the condition of her teeth and her overall oral development, so that problems can be detected and corrected in time.

The first examination consists above all in familiarizing your child with the dentist and the hygienist in order to create a relationship of trust. During the first visit, we carry out an oral examination and cleaning, then teach brushing techniques and the use of dental floss.

Preventive advice :

  • Periodic cleaning at the dentist;
  • Applying sealing material to protect against cavities;
  • Applying fluoride to reinforce enamel and help with remineralization.

Hygiene advice :

  • It is important to clean baby’s gums with a clean and damp hand towel;
  • Once teeth have appeared, you must start cleaning them with a soft-bristle toothbrush;
  • Make sure your child brushes her teeth at least twice a day, or after every meal, in addition to using dental floss before bedtime;
  • Use fluoride toothpaste the size of a grain of rice for children younger than two years of age, and the size of a small pea for children over two years old, while ensuring that your child does not swallow the toothpaste;
  • Avoid soft and sticky sweets and offer unsweetened beverages and snacks more often than sweet ones. It is preferable to save sweets until the end of a meal, when heavier saliva helps neutralize the acids that attack teeth.